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In this chapter, we will walk you through deploying to production

IOS Version

To build the IOS version, you need to have a valid apple developer account and Xcode installed on your machine. To enroll in the Apple Developer program follow this link: And you can find Xcode on this link:

After meeting these requirements, you're ready to deploy your app by following these steps:

  1. Visit and login with your developer account

  2. Click on Apps then New App and fill the necessary information

  3. Open the Quiz/ios/Quiz.xcodeproj file with Xcode

  4. Click on Product> Archive

  5. After the successful build, click on Upload to App Store

  6. Answer the questions shown, and then click on Upload

You app should be on your itunes connect if it is validated by Apple.

Android Version

To upload the app to the Google PlayStore, you first need to have a Google Developer Account. You can create one on this link:

Generating the signed APK is well documented on the react-native website, so no need to re-write it. Just follow the steps written here:

You can now upload the APK to your Google Developer Console.

Admin Dashboard

Building the admin dashboard is fairly easy, just open your terminal and follow these steps:

Make sure you're inside the root QuizApp folder.

cd Admin
npm run build

You can now upload the content of the Build folder to your server via FTP.