Setting Up

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This chapter will guide on how to setup the project

Using the Setup Wizard

You can find the setup wizard on this link:

Follow this video tutorial to see how to use the setup wizard:


  1. Create a new firebase project using

  2. Create a real-time database inside this project

  3. Enable the Email/Password sigin module

  4. Follows the steps of the wizard

  5. Download and extract the config zip archive generated from the setup wizard

  6. Copy and repalce Quiz/src/Config.js and Quiz/src/Language.js to the /Quiz/src folder

  7. Copy and repalce Admin/src/Config.js to the /Admin/src folder

  8. Done ! You're set to go


You can configure the app manually, to do that you need to modify the Config.js file inside the Quiz and the Admin folders with your own values.

This is the content of the Quiz Config.js:

const Config = {
title: 'Quiz',
subtitle: 'Test your skills',
firebase: {
apiKey: "XX",
authDomain: "XX",
databaseURL: "XX",
projectId: "XX",
storageBucket: "XX",
messagingSenderId: "XX"
playStoreLink: 'market://details?id=quizappid',
appStoreLink: 'itms://',
pointsToRewardAfterChallenge: 50,
pointsToRevokeAfterHelp: 10,
pointsStorageKeyName: 'QUIZPOINTS',
challengePlayedStorageKeyName: 'CHALLENGEPLAYED',
scoreStarPercentege: {
threeStars: 70, // if it's bigger than 70% display three stars
twoStarts: 40 // if it's bigger than 40% display two stars
maxNumberOfQuestions: 20,
scoreForACorrectAnswer: 30
export default Config;

And this is the content of the Admin Config.js

const Config = {
firebase: {
apiKey: "XX",
authDomain: "XX",
databaseURL: "XX",
projectId: "XX",
storageBucket: "XX",
messagingSenderId: "XX"
export default Config;

Changing the Language

You can set the language via the setup wizard or configure it manually if the desired language is not included.

Just open and modify the Language.js file

const Language = {
newQuiz: 'New Quiz',
highScore: 'High Score',
dailyChallenge: 'Challenge',
inviteFriends: 'Invite Friends',
rateUs: 'Rate Us',
question: 'Question',
of: 'of',
invite: 'Invite your friends to play',
all: 'All',
email: 'Email...',
send: 'Send',
congratulation: 'Congratulation',
reward: 'You are rewarded with',
points: 'points',
tooBad: 'Too bad',
tryAgain: 'You can try again tommorrow',
giveUsRating: 'Give us a five-star rating',
score: 'Score',
name: 'Name',
yourScore: 'Your score',
error: 'There was an error. Please try again !',
emailNotValid: 'The email you wrote is not valid !',
inviteSent: 'Invite sent !',
scoreSaved: 'Your score was saved !',
save: 'Save',
enterNameError: 'Please enter a name !',
alreadyPlayedChallenge: 'You already played the challenge, try again tomorrow.',
alertTitle: 'Continue',
sureExit: 'Are you sure you want to exit ?',
yes: 'Yes',
no: 'No',
helpNotSuffisant: "You don't have suffisant points.",
help: "It's ",
inviteSubject: "Invitation to play Quiz",
inviteBody: "Hello there, I invite you to play quiz with me and we will see who's the best at it."
export default Language;

You can now re-test the application using the steps from the Getting Started chapter.